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May 11, 2013

Social Media Marketing: Facebook – Tweeter - LinkedIn or Everything

For businesses, every bit of promotion is crucial. So when a chance to advertise arises, one can never pass up the opportunity. Most especially when the chance comes fee free, everybody jumps on the opportunity to promote their business without being charged a single penny. This is exactly why Social Media Marketing is such a hit in the business industry.

Social-Media-MarketingblogOver the years, this online medium has been used to market brands and businesses. Aside from the fact that creating a Facebook or a Myspace page, or a LinkedIn and Twitter account wouldn’t cost anything, these sites also allow businesses to tap millions of audiences they would not have been able to reach otherwise. Likewise, users also visit these sites to learn more about a company, a product or a service. Needless to say, Social Media sites serve as gateways to retailer-client interaction.

Here are some of the Top Social sites that can also help you boost your business to the top:


FacebookblogFacebook is the fastest growing social networking site at present. With more than 1 billion active users, the site is one of the most used platforms online. Facebook allows easy connectivity to your business’ target market through user notifications and the user’s Facebook wall. Through these information, friends of the users can instantly see what they have “liked” or “shared” on their account, which can include your brand or service.

 Facebook also offers a number of options tailor fit for businesses. The Facebook Page allows brands to create their own webpage within the site, allowing prospect clients to browse through their company description, services and even product photos. Visitors can also read other users’ comments and reviews about your product or service that are posted on your wall.


LinkedinblogThis site is more like Facebook for career professionals. Used as a professional networking site, LinkedIn allows users to build connections that can help them establish their careers or their businesses. The site also helps users build a network of people that share the same interests.

 While the site doesn’t allow spontaneous conversations with clients, LinkedIn does allow users to answer questions about their business through its “Answers” feature. Much like a forum, this feature allows other users to post questions, share their related opinions and even provide solutions to questions.



 One of the most used Social Media sites, Twitter has more than 500 million active users. With a tweet rate of more than 50 million a day, Twitter could be useful in your business. Aside from allowing spontaneous interaction with your clients in real time, Twitter also offers a “ Re-tweet” option where people can re-post your tweets for their circle of people to read. Also, since each tweet is limited to 140 characters, you’re sure to be saying only the essentials about your brand.

 Twitter also offers a “ Hash-tag” feature, often preceded by the number sign (#). Place this on any part of your tweet and people can easily follow tweets on the subject by simply searching for the hash-tag.

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